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Cold rolling mill and ancillary equipment professional manufacturers
Our main range of cold rolling mill and ancillary equipment, professional manufacturers, a sound processing equipment, advanced manufacturing technology, strong technical force, with the development of new products research capacity.


Excellent quality and reasonable price
The factory with rich technical experience, with excellent quality and reasonable price to win customers consistent praise.


Quick response and thoughtful service
Over the years, we have "quality first, reputation first, tracking service" as the purpose, for the new and old customers to provide quality products and perfect service, products in the market by domestic and foreign users generally praise.


Create brilliant!
Our products survive by quality, reputation and development, to hospitality, dedication and efficiency, and sincerely welcome the eight friends and relatives, the arrival of guests all over the world. We will work with all new and old customers and colleagues in the industry to work together to create a new bright metallurgical machinery industry!


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